Pima County Parklands Foundation

Mission & Programs

Pima County Parklands Foundation was created by volunteers who want to protect and enhance our parks and to enrich the experiences that Natural Resources, Parks and Recreation (NRPR) provides for residents and visitors. As Pima County's population has grown, public funding for parks has not kept pace. To help offset inadequate resources, the foundation is able to help finance programs and improvements for NRPR facilities through donations.

Donations can be “restricted” or “unrestricted.”

Restricted donations are those earmarked for specific projects, such as memorial benches, hiking trails, Environmental Education, and Historic Canoa Ranch. A list of projects can be found on the How You Can Help page

Unrestricted donations help fund water safety programs and swimming lessons for underserved children. Unrestricted donations also are used to underwrite volunteer recognition events for the numerous individuals who assist NRPR with their generous support and thousands of hours of service. From January 2022- June 2023, volunteers donated 12,000 hours contributing over $363,000 of value to NRPR programs! Thank you!